Terms & Conditions


Terms – Payment must be received before orders are shipped. Special terms and conditions may be established in lieu of open credit, i.e., credit card, etc.


Shipping Policy – All shipments are Free on Board (F.O.B) Destination on orders greater than $2,000 to customer’s assigned ship to location within the continental United States plus a $30 shipment charge and a fuel recovery charge (FRC) of 1.35% on product total. FRC percentage is subject to change without notice.  Orders under $2,000, shipped from stock, will be charged actual freight.  Carrier used will be at Distributor’s (MedPlus) discretion – other arrangements with MedPlus approval.


Quoted Prices – All prices are exclusive of Federal or State taxes of any type. Prices are subject to change without notice and all orders subject to acceptance by Customer Service. Prices are based upon G.B Hill & Company pricing at time of order acceptance.


Placing Orders – Orders may be placed via the internet through www.gbhillco.com. Online orders are the preferred method of ordering and will enable your order to be processed in the most expeditious manner; however, we will accept emailed or faxed orders if your ordering procedures are not compatible with our website.


Return Goods & Loss/Damage Policy –


1) All requests for return product should be emailed to Customer Service @ gbhill@gbhillco.com: 706-564-5108. No returns will be accepted without a Return of Goods Authorization (RGA) and only those products and quantities approved should be returned to the warehouse.

2) Return of mis shipments or defective products can be returned any time without freight charges. Customer Service will make arrangements for pick-up (call tags). *

3) All products returned with expiration dating must meet product shelf life guidelines of at least 6 months. All returned products must be in original container and free of any labels or other markings. Certain equipment returns may be subject to vendor restrictions.

4) Products returned within 45 days will not be assessed a restocking charge. Products returned after 45 days will be assessed a 25% restocking charge. Products not stocked in the Distributor’s (MedPlus) warehouse are not returnable for credit unless shipped in error. Products over 120 days cannot be accepted as returnable.

To help us process your credits promptly, please review the following:
Customer should provide invoice number and PO.
• Returns will not be accepted without Return Goods Authorization (RGA).
• Returns should be made within 30 days of RGA.
• Customer Service will issue RGA within 24 hours.
• Credits issued
tocustomer immediately upon receipt in warehouse

Return to:
National Distribution & Logistics Center
MedPlus Services
407 New Sanford Road
La Vergne, TN 37086



1) All shrink-wrapped pallets must be inspected for obvious damage upon arrival. If any of the pallets arrive without the blue shrink wrap, top sheet, broken seal tape, or double stack label this MUST be noted on the driver’s delivery receipt and signed by the driver. It should be assumed that pallets delivered in this manner will contain concealed damages or shortages. You can require the driver to stay while you verify the contents of the shipment and to look for damages inside the pallets.

2) Within 72 hours of receipt of shipment, Customer Service must be notified via the shipping discrepancy form. A copy of the delivery receipt, properly signed detailing any damages or shortages must be included.

3) Customer Service will acknowledge receipt of your discrepancy within 24 hours via email.

4) Any request for credit or deduction is taken from payment without the proper notation on the delivery receipt and acknowledged shipping discrepancy form cannot be honored. Deduction taken without documentation will be charged back. Non-response to chargeback can result in a delay of orders.

Go to our contact page for information on contacting us with your questions by phone or email.


 * If order is placed online, returns for "did not order" reason will be assessed 25% restock fee and returned at customer expense.