Supply Chain Clinical Integration (SCCI)

A hospital supply chain system that integrates logistical and purchasing operations with clinical elements is key to providing maximum supply chain results. Achieving a clinically integrated supply chain requires a hospital-wide culture change to take effect before improvements and value drivers are improved and it starts from the top.

G.B. Hill & Company (SCCI) Consultancy Will

  • Work with assigned personnel to establish a clinically integrated supply chain system by building strong alliances with hospital executives, physicians, clinicians, finance, and material managers to deliver high quality, cost-conscious products, and services that assist in enhancing the patient care experience within an organization 


  • Work with assigned personnel to incorporate all appropriate hospital parties into discussions, interventions, and processes of the supply chain to help deliver quality outcomes


  • Work with assigned personnel to ensure that physicians and clinicians are educated on their role in the medical supply procurement process


  • Work with assigned personnel to achieve optimal supply chain management by identifying and implementing the best practices and policy for supply chain clinical integration to support the primary function of providing the best patient care experience


  • Work with assigned personnel to facilitate the standardization of products and optimization of supply utilization through effective collaboration with physicians and clinicians and material management staff 



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