Medical Supply Disaster Planning and Management  (MSDPM) Overview

A medical logistics support structure must be able to provide the necessary medical supplies and equipment to assist in providing continuous health service support in a disaster environment.  One of our core functions for MLDPM is to plan, coordinate, direct the exact delivery of medical supplies and equipment in preparations for and during a disaster. To achieve this, G.B. Hill and Company promotes mobilizing partnerships and galvanizing efforts across the full spectrum of healthcare sectors to adequately respond to federal, state and local disaster healthcare challenges. 
G.B. Hill & Company MSDPM Consultancy


  • Will consult with local and state emergency planning committees, local and state public health personnel, local hospitals and clinics, and local nonprofit organizations to procure routine medical supplies, equipment, and other identified medical resources so that a coordinated response is in place to assist with the continuous delivery of health service support  

  • Will provide Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Consumable Medical Supplies (CMS), and Infant and Toddler Kits (kits can be built with medical personnel input). Kits normally contain a formula, nutritional drinks, food products, diapers, and other essentials. Medical supplies and equipment push kits can also be delivered (kits are built with medical personnel input) 

  • With close to 300 healthcare and dental manufacturers' products in stock and available for purchase, G.B. Hill & Company is well positioned to offer the medical and dental supplies and equipment requests to support health service support during a disaster

  • Will provide real-time monitoring/tracking and delivery of requisitioned supplies and work with assigned personnel to develop a contingency plan to ensure the continuous delivery of medical supplies and equipment during a disaster. 


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