Medical Supply Chain Management Solutions (MSCMS) Overview
Medical Logistics Supply Chain Management (MSCMS) includes those steps that must occur to get the right product and the right quantity into the right consumer’s hands at the right time. Having said that, doing so is highly possible but in the healthcare arena, managing the supply chain is typically uneven and at times can be a complex process. To the end, healthcare supply chain management involves obtaining resources, managing supplies, and delivering goods and services to providers so that the best patient care experience is provided. At G. B. Hill and Company, we are the medical logistics professionals that offer working solutions to make your business better.
G.B. Hill and Company (MSCMS) Consultancy Will
• Work with executive leadership, physicians, clinicians, material management staff and assigned personnel to develop a strategic direction for supply chain operations and supply expense management
• Work to understand the strategies of the facility and collaborate with facility or service center teams to develop tools and best practices to support the supply chain strategy
• Work to communicate strategic recommendations and execute a course of action for overall improvement in operations, expense, clinical integrations, quality, and service
• Work to coordinate efforts to enable successful supply improvement initiatives by quantifying opportunities, tracking data, and providing guidance to support teams
• Work to assist assigned personnel in meeting the established expense savings goal
• Work with assigned personnel to create internal customer confidence that strives to improve customer satisfaction by meeting the customers’ expectations
• Work with assigned personnel to create a demonstrated responsibility for solving customer challenges by soliciting opinions and ideas of the customer
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